Yinn was first introduced to yoga through Dawn Sim in his late 30s. The journey did not start out easy. With old injuries like a lumbar disc injury, on top of scoliosis and fibrosis, he struggled even with the simplest of poses like a forward bend. Determined not to let his medical conditions define his physical activity, he then began daily 5 mins self-practise sessions. This progressed to 20, 40, and eventually 90 mins as his body gradually responded to the asanas.

 Now in his 40s, Yinn is a certified yoga instructor, focusing on teaching his students alignment based yoga, slowly building up their functional strength through the use of verbal n physical adjustments. In his free time, he practises yoga, qigong and meditation on a daily basis. He also attends overseas workshops and classes in his travels, always seeking to elevate his practice and spread his respect for the yoga practice.