Join Trium Fitness and Yinspiration in our Myo-Yin and Acu-Yin Masterclasses this December.


Myo-Yin Masterclass

Let’s roll in the Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga Masterclass with Fran.
We combine ball techniques with yin asanas to release tension of the connective tissue to improve blood and qi flow, reduce pain and create more mobility.

Fran is a senior assistant to Jo Phee and a Yinspiration Trainer teaching around the world.

We roll on Thursday Dec 5th.


Acu-Yin Masterclass 

Join Yinspiration Trainer Marieke for deep relaxation in the perfect blend of yin yoga & acupressure.

We will incorporate important acupressure points in yin poses. By stimulating the energy flow in the body you’ll promote good health & recharge your internal battery.

Marieke is a senior assistant to Jo Phee and teaches workshops & teacher trainings internationally sharing the yin love.

Nurture with yin on Sunday December 8th 15.30-17.00



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Self Healing Techniques Workshop
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