Anti Aging Yoga & Skincare Talk
When we wear a mask on a daily basis, some of us might experience skin issues like irritation and acne. Learn how to cleanse and take care of your skin from both the outside and inside with a talk on skincare presented by Traslin from TOS Skin, followed by an Anti-Aging Yoga practice led by Dawn Sim.

The first step to getting the maximum benefits of any skincare product is ensuring that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepped to absorb the products you apply. Using the signature Intensive Marine Concentrate as part of her sharing, Traslin Tan, founder of TOS Skin will show you the steps for effective daily cleansing and facial massage techniques that help to maximise the benefits of your skincare routine.

You are only as young as your spine and for many of us, we are as stiff as a rod. Let your practice in yoga make your spine come alive. Awaken your entire body through various movements and stretches that improve circulation, including in the different layers of your skin, muscles and tissue. So you don’t just feel younger, you look younger.

TOS Skin is providing each participant with Facial Cleansing Accessories worth $50 that includes Silk Wash Pad and Silk Beauty Cocoons.
Date: 6 Dec 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00PM- 3:00PM
Price: $38 / Pax
Beauty Inside & Out
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This 2 days  course is for those who want to learn how to use the Tibetan singing bowls for yoga or healing sessions, incorporate this ancient instrument into their personal spiritual practice, or become a sound therapist. Students will be given ample time for hands-on exploration and immersion in the world of sound and vibrations. The training will be conducted in a small group of six for more personalised coaching.

Date: 12th and 13th December 2020

Time: 1pm to 4.30pm 

Place: Trium Fitness 12 Kallang Ave #03-01 Singapore 339511 

Fee: $500 for one pax and $800 for two pax



Topics to be covered:

Day 1 – Introduction to the Tibetan singing bowl

  • Knowing the singing bowl -  History of singing bowl
  • Connection to singing bowl and its vibration
  • Playing the singing bowl - Techniques of playing
  • Use of different tools to create different sound and vibration
  • Listening to the singing bowl -  Heighten one’s awareness to the power of sound
  • Opening your heart to the sound of singing bowl 
  • Sound healing through the eyes of modern science

Day 2 – Helping others with the singing bowl

  • Therapy with singing bowl -  Aura cleansing method and practice
  • Chakra balancing method and practice
  • Sound therapy method and practice
  • Responsibilities of a sound therapist/facilitator
  • Care of singing bowl


About the trainer: Stanley Lim

Stanley's interest in sound healing was sparked after receiving a Tibetan singing bowl sound bath from his friend. After the session, he experienced sound sleep like no other. He started to explore and do extensive research on the therapeutic value of sound vibrations, a journey that led him to various countries to study with singing bowl and gong masters. His current research focuses on the use of sound with health issues such as pain management, cognitive ailments like dementia and Alzheimers, and mental health issues like depression.

Stanley is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT500) with almost 20 years of work in yoga and holistic wellness. He incorporates the singing bowls and gong in his  yoga classes and special workshops, and was recognised as one of the forerunners for popularising nada yoga in his previous company. He launched his first Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Pure Yoga Singapore in 2018. Sound therapy was one of the modules offered in his Yin Yoga Teacher Training, a module that was well-received by the trainees.



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Tibetan Singing Bowls Course
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Join Stanley for a session of Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and Gong relaxation.

Sound healing has known to be an ancient art use in many cultures, a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of the water(80%) within the body can aids one to rest, sleep and feel better in mood. 
1) Reduced stress and mental fatigue 
2) Alleviate anxiety and depression
3) Reduce aches and pains 
4) Promote calmness and serenity in overall wellness
Date: 14 Nov 2020(Sat) / 12 Dec 2020 (Sat)
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Trium Fitness 12 Kallang Ave #03-01 Singapore 339511
Cost: $38 /Participant
Limited Places!
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Sound Bliss Workshop
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World events, cosmic events, moon phases, planetary movements can impact our energy, how we show up to the world, and our response to daily situations. The Crystal Sound Bath can help you balance and find more ease and flow with all that you are working with, be it more self-awareness, personal growth, healing or manifestation.

Elaine will intuitively play eight Crystal Tones Alchemy™ and Advanced Alchemy™ singing bowls ( Tanzanite, Citrine, Diamond, Ruby Platinum, Citrine Azeztulite, Imperial Topaz, Sage Aura Gold, Rose Quartz Platinum ), and a Heart quartz bowl in symphony, as well as tone with her voice, for 45 minutes. Allow the pure healing vibrations and soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls to permeate your being, and trust and surrender to the process. We all have an innate ability to self-heal, and the crystal singing bowls will support that.


Dates: 23 October / 20 November / 18 December 2020

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Trium Fitness 12 Kallang Ave #03-01 Singapore 339511

Cost: $38/Pax/Session


Sound Bowl (Elaine Yang)
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With the June holidays around the corner, keep your children active with our Trium Fitness half day camps.  Let's take the fun factor up a notch this season with a POUND session! Drumming to the beats of the latest songs and challenging the children's rhythm and coordination, this is one cardio workout they will be excited for. So expect your kids to be pounding, swinging, climbing and most of all having a great time!

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